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Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

It makes enormous, 20-inch pizzas that it divides into eight enormous slices. So each slice is a veritable meal.

Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

Todi Mills Compound, Lower Parel.
Tel: 7506433928/ 908.
Meal for two: Rs 600

My daughters love pepperoni without a hint of anything green or healthy. My husband enjoys plain white cheese. And I love sun-dried tomato, nuts and jalapeno. Which inevitably makes ordering a pizza a squabbly business.

Little wonder then that we were overjoyed when we heard about 1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen. Not bec­ause it’s part of an international chain (it’s not). Or bec­ause it’s pegged as the ultimate pizza in Mumbai (it’s not). But for a simple reason—the tiny, white-washed eatery in Parel sells pizza by the slice!

The pizza parlour is a cheery little space with one counter, two tables and three barstools and stacks of pizza boxes for the take-out crowd. It makes enormous, 20-inch pizzas that it divides into eight enormous slices. So each slice is a veritable meal, especially if you opt for the cold drink and brownie combo.

Delighted with the flexibility, we each cho­ose our own toppings—and the obliging youngster manning the counter slices them further to make sharing easy. I’m deligh­ted with the Bianca, an unusual pizza with a white onion-cream sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and mushroom (Rs 145). And the simple New York Cheese (Rs 105) is outstanding. All three non-vegetarian pizzas that we order—the Spicy Salami (Rs 145), the BBQ Pollo (Rs 175) and the Americano (Rs 195)—have the same basic tomato and cheese base and are happily hoovered up. Only the Mexicana Rosa (Rs 135), with its tangier sauce, corn, onion and tomatoes, is a bit of a hotch-potch.

The Raspberry Iced Tea and Pink Lemonade (both Rs 75) are extremely child-friendly, while the Nutella Brownie (Rs 65) and Red Velvet Brownie (Rs 75) are fairly basic but a cheery end to the meal. 1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen makes for an enjoyable, quick meal. The pizza base is substantial but crisp. The flavours are fun. And if, over time, the menu expands and becomes a little more adventurous, this might soon grow into a beloved neighbourhood joint.

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