January 18, 2020
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  • It helps to voice your warm and amorous feelings.

  • Don't sleep off. Most women do appreciate a warm and tactile post-coital yap.

  • Being the more vocal sex, she'd understand your story. Silence would add to the insensitive brute image.

  • Women are more concerned about chemistry than anatomical stats.

  • Italians love their moms but they're great lovers. Snip off the umbilicus before you tie the nuptial knot.

  • Good sex isn't in the genes. To be a good lover you need to observe, learn and read up.

  • Love isn't the same as sex. A good lover is also one who is in tune with the other person.

  • It may seem like nature intended only men to climax to make the act seem complete. But women do need the Big O once in a while.
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