April 04, 2020
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Sunidhi Chauhan

The 16-year-old takes on the playback world with her success in 'Mast'

Sunidhi Chauhan
How were you discovered?
I used to do shows from a fairly young age. In one show called Akanksha Music Show, Tabassum heard me and suggested I move to Mumbai. I was about eight then.

How did Mast happen?
I was recording a western song with Sonu Nigam when Sandeep Chowta, music director of Mast, heard me. He liked my singing and gave me a chance.

How did you start singing?
I haven't been trained professionally. I used to sing alone on the radio.

Are you training now?
I started training under Gautam Mukherjee six months ago. He's teaching me the techniques required for playback singing.

Are you still studying?
I'm studying through correspondence. Right now, I'm in the 10th standard. My career is more important to me but I will finish my graduation.

Aren't you interested in a career in classical singing?
Not really. And I can't do both together because if you sing classical, it takes away from what is needed for playback singing. But a little later I want to sing western, maybe jazz and rock.

Is there any one music director who is helping you?
Sandeep Chowta is one. He is using me in all the projects. So is Ram Gopal Varma.

Being the youngest, has the competition in Mumbai been difficult?
It's been tough but I'm working hard. People start comparing you early. There has been talk of me being like Asha Bhonsle but she is a legend really, and I am just starting out.

Do you feel you've started working too early?
Once I did think about that but then you have to lose something to gain something. Who doesn't like success?

Who is your idol in the music world?
Mariah Carey. In India, of course, Asha and Lata, but I find Carey absolutely amazing. I want to be like her.

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