May 24, 2020
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The Hollywood actor on religion, acting and his disenchantment with the press

When and what made you take a spiritual turn?
I have been interested in spirituality from an early age. I have had many near- death experiences but one of them was extremely difficult which is what made me turn to Buddhism.

How did you deal with the early astonishment your decision to turn Buddhist evoked?
I just ignored it.

But why Buddhism and not any other road to self- realisation?
I just feel as if I never had any other choice.

You continue to act. Why?
The Dalai Lama has personally asked me to continue acting. Ideally I'd like to quit acting and maybe spread Buddhism and do some farming.

Are you serious about the last?
I've bought a farm in Northern California. I'd like to grow medicinal herbs.

Has your journey as an actor been easy?
It isn't easy to be an actor. But Hollywood came to me. I got in and I will get out as well.

Why do you have such an abrasive relationship with the press?
I don't have a relationship with the press. I don't like the press in general, I think they're despicable people. And everyone I know thinks the same way but are afraid to say it. I am not.

How did you decide to work on a music album?
Music is the language of the Gods and it's a language we all speak. I started work on it six months ago and it will be released in September. I have composed, written and sung the lyrics.

What of your movie projects?
I am acting in House Of Thunder right now and we started shooting it in June last year.

You say you're clairvoyant. Any foresights?
I come from a world where there's protocol and I'm not allowed to speak of these matters.

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