July 05, 2020
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Six Degree Test

The Outlook panel formulated six categories for identifying candidates unfit to contest elections...

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Six Degree Test
Category 1: Persons convicted of offences involving moral turpitude and those listed in the Representation of People Act by a criminal court regardless of whether an appeal is pending with a higher court.

Category 2: Persons who have been chargesheeted by a judicial court in a criminal case.

Category 3: Persons against whom there are prima-facie findings by an investigating agency on the basis of which a charge-sheet has been filed in a court by the said agency.

Category 4: Persons who are absconding from law, although they may not have been chargesheeted.

Category 5: Persons who are in jail, under preventive laws, on economic or criminal grounds, after approval by the Advisory Board.

Category 6: Persons who have a long crime history and as such are considered anti-social and unfit to contest the elections.

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