May 25, 2020
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Shipra Khanna

The winner of MasterChef India Season 2 on her new book, Sinfully Yours, and her great journey from homemaker to chef

Shipra Khanna
Shipra Khanna

Tell us about Sinfully Yours, your second cookbook.

Desserts are a weakness, so I wanted to share some inn­ovative desserts ideas. As the proverb goes, ‘The proof of the pudding lies in the eating’!

And your first one, The Spice Route.

Spice Route is a book of my food travels, along with a few recipes that I cooked during MasterChef. It is a reflection of what food means to me.

How was winning MasterChef?

It was amazing—full of learning, some tough moments and great competition! It also gave me a globally recognised platform to transform my passion into my profession.

Why do you say food is your “lifeline”?

It has been the only constant in my life, and it’s what I live for.

What do you think is the one skill needed to become a good cook?

Instinct and passion.

How was writing the second book different from the first?

My first was a step in the dark! But with my second book I was complete in terms of clarity of type of food and giving the reader a solution for their post-meal cravings.

Sweet or savoury?


How is it being a woman Indian chef?

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is difficult, but it is changing. As for being Indian—the variety of spices we have is the greatest. Yet we tend not to experiment.

You went on a spice trail. What is your one favourite ingredient in the kitchen?

It has just begun. So far, my favourite is garlic.

A career in food ensures putting on weight around the edges; any advice?

One has to watch, work out and know when to stop!

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