February 22, 2020
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Shatrughan Sinha

His show moves from Zee to Star. Its not because of Subhash Goel, insists Shotgun

Shatrughan Sinha
Why has The Shotgun Show been moved to Star?
The show on Star Plus is different from The Shotgun Show. Called The Shotgun Shoot, it will have a panel of celebrities asking me questions. I didn't have any problems with Subhash Goel. I did one full year with The Shotgun Show.

Zee and Star are qualitatively different channels—was it a consideration?
The best of talent and shows are on Star Plus so there must be something to it.

Is your film career over for good?
I don't have that much time. Earlier I had thought that I would do four films but that is not working out. I will do only a couple of films a year.

As a TV talk show host, shouldn't you be free from political affiliations?
I only want to do issue-based programmes. My political affiliations have nothing to do with my show.

If you had to do a show on the Srikrishna Commission report, won't your pro-BJP bias show?
I will do only issue-based shows but even if such a programme is to happen people are free to say what they want. After all it's not a propaganda machine.

With so many filmstars making a beeline for the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, aren't you getting a little lost in the crowd?
The more the merrier. I was the first star to join the BJP and that will always remain.

Do filmstars really contribute to parliamentary proceedings?
Why not? It depends on the capacity of a person.

After contributing so much to the BJP poll victory, weren't you expecting something in return?
I have left personal ambitions behind. The loss hasn't been mine.

What do you think of talk shows in general in India?
The good ones will stay and the bad ones will fall by the side. Not all talk shows are good. Many are done without any home work or research.

Villain, hero, politician, now talk show host—who's the real Shatrughan?
The real one is in front of you. A combination of the good, bad and the ugly.

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