Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Seems A Glad Season

India's series win in England was a team effort. Will it endure? More Coverage

Seems A Glad Season Seems A Glad Season

The heady scent of victory can be quite overpowering, making us lose all sense of perspective. It's not every day that an Indian cricket team secures a series win in England. But for Team India allowing the home side to battle hard and claim an honourable draw in the final Test, we may have been going overboard with characteristic high jinks for a 2-0 win. In the end, it was just as well that jubilations were in keeping with the side's winning the Pataudi Trophy on the basis of its triumph in the second Test. It had won a Test series in the West Indies last year and in Bangladesh a few months ago, but few attached much importance to either. The dismal form leading up to the ignominious exit from the ICC World Cup in the West Indies had not also been of any help in arresting the decline. Now, finally, a tough, competitive overseas Test series win isn't a mirage anymore.

"I am proud of this team. We have gone through a lot together and the series win is a tribute to each one of us," skipper Rahul Dravid said. "The seniors in the team have all taken on leadership roles in their performances and mentoring. Obviously, we realised we have to work together. At various stages they gave me a lot of suggestions and ideas. Above all, I think it will help the younger players in the side in that they have experienced a series win in England on their first tour," the visibly happy Dravid added.


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