February 22, 2020
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'Secular Forces Should Be Together'

Tamil Nadu chief minister and DMK president Muthuvel Karunanidhi

'Secular Forces Should Be Together'

Mamata Banerjee says the DMK should be invited for the next BJP coordination committee meet.

The DMK is like the classic Thirukural (ancient Tamil verses). Many will write many interpretations.

What is the meaning of your statement that the BJP government should serve its full term?

That was the headlines given by the newspapers. I said that any government should be permitted to serve its full term. It can be Vajpayee's government, Sonia's government, or for that matter any government.

Can the Congress form the government?

At the cost of repeating myself, let me make the DMK's position clear. The UF may not be functioning well. However, I believe that the DMK, the TMC, the JD, the CPI(M) and the CPI are still part of the UF. It would be better if all the UF constituents sit together and arrive at a collective decision on which party it should support.

What's your reaction to Congress demands that action should be initiated against you on Jain's report?

They are still harping about the Jain Commission. It will be better if Congressmen read the contents of the Thakkar Commission. Who has been blamed in the assassination of Indira Gandhi and what is their present position in the Congress party? It is for them to think about these aspects.

Moopanar says secular forces should come together.

The DMK's cardinal principle is that all secular parties should be in one front.

How do you rate the BJP government's performance?

Where is the performance in the first place? The only performance is the constant fight and the resultant chaos among the alliance partners. Barring the nuclear testing and the resolution of the Cauvery water dispute, they have done nothing.

Who do you prefer: the BJP or the Congress?

Among the blazing logs, which log is better?

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