May 30, 2020
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Rinke Khanna

Dimple Kapadia's youngest daughter debuts with 'Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi'

Rinke Khanna
What prompted you to choose acting as a career?
I have a degree in communications and I had come down to India for a break. It was then that I started thinking about it. I decided to act in a play and loved the high of being on stage. That's when I decided to take it up. Basically, acting is within you.

Who are your role models in the film industry?
Aamir Khan, Kajol and Tabu.

Who helps you with making important career decisions?
I run it by my mother and sister, but eventually the decision is mine.

Media glare is now going to be part of your life. Does that unnerve you?
When I'm taking big decisions, I don't think of what the reaction is going to be; I think only of myself. I'd like to follow my mother's example. She just doesn't care. She treats herself as just another person.

Was it difficult to grow up in Dimple Kapadia's shadow?
Not at all. She is my mother, that's all. She is what she is but that doesn't have any negative bearing on us.

Who or what have been your earliest influences?
I'd say my mother. Though I was young, I did realise what was happening around me and those early events did shape my life.

What keeps you motivated?
Hope for a better tomorrow. I know that there's something special within me that I want to express.

What other films have you signed so far?
I'm negotiating right now. But I have signed one film opposite Arjun Ramphal.

How have you been treated by the film industry so far?
Fortunately, everybody has been very kind to me but I know that I have to give that bit more to prove myself.

What about gossip that's part and parcel of being in this industry?
The moment you step in the limelight, you become somebody else's property. So, it's part of the deal, I guess.

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