May 30, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.


15 Years Ago

Feodor Starcevic on the fall of Slobodan Milosevic: For all their influence in the world, America and Russia were irrelevant to the people who converged on Belgrade from all over Serbia on October 5. Each of them had a personal account to settle with Slobo. Until Milosevic’s rule, they were on the right side of history. He changed that. Rising to power on their pride, he took it away from them. And they went to the streets of Belgrade to reclaim it.

10 Years Ago

Vikram Seth on the Muslim question: “We could have easily have been born as each other. Not just the Muslim question, but on the gender question, it’s pure chance whether you are born a man or woman, pure chance whether you are born Hindu or Muslim. So you just have to consider that we could have been born as each other and therefore there is no particular reason for aggrandising yourself.”

5 Years Ago

Namrata Joshi on film fests in small towns: The Haryana International Film Festival, organised by journalist Ajit Rai, is being held for the third year running in Yamunanagar. “We have never seen such realistic, songless films before,” says Radhika Sharma, a mass com student. In Gorakhpur, after the success of its Cinema of Resistance festival, Jan Sanskriti Manch has organised five film fests here, one in Bar­eilly, one in Allahabad, two in Bhilai, one in Nainital, besides three in Lucknow and one in Patna.

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