June 27, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.

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15 Years Ago

Bill Gates saying the PC will survive: The PC gave us a new way to work, play and communicate. But people want more. They now want the power of their PC with them whenever and wherever they need! And this has led to predictions of doom for the PC. In fact, the PC has given us a high-volume, low-cost model. And whatever shape the computing devices of the future take, they’ll be based on this model. I foresee the PC morphing into several new form factors, such as the book-sized tablet PC, the auto PC or the television-based PC. http://bit.ly/1L162ZR

10 Years Ago

Daniel Lak on Katrina: As the BBC’s Miami correspondent, I thought I knew hurricanes. In fact, I believed tropical sto­rms were over-hyped by TV reporters clinging to concrete pillars and shouting about STOP signs blowing by in the wind. Well, with Katrina, I was wrong. It is impossible to exaggerate just how hard it hit New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi. Katrina blasted the southern United States like a tsunami mixed with an atomic bomb. http://bit.ly/1L16d7v

5 Years Ago

Arundhati Roy, on the trickledown revolu­tion: Days after I said goodbye to the comrades and emerged from the Dandakaranya forest, I found myself charting a weary course to Jantar Mantar. An old observatory built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1710, then it was a scientific marvel. Today, it’s a not-so-hot tourist attraction that doubles up as Delhi’s little showroom for democracy. http://bit.ly/1LX22IG

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