January 11, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.


15 Years Ago

Neeraj Mishra, on a ‘glo­bal’ aesthetic arriving in small-town India: If architecture is any measure of a changing economic and cultural milieu, then small-town India is certainly witnessing a revolution of sorts. Traditional ‘ideas’ of a house or even public structures are passe. ‘Space’ is now being defined individually as buildings seem to have become life-size metaphors for do-it-yourself kits. This individualistic approach has its own credo: style implies choice. http://bit.ly/1GZx67T

10 Years Ago

Saikat Datta, on Justice Phukan’s junket: Were Justice S.N. Phukan and his wife denied the traditional hospitality that the army, air force and navy are so reputed for? The judge who headed the Tehelka Commission and was taken on a five-day junket on a special VVIP air force plane, courtesy the Ministry of Defence, insists that he did not have such a good time. On Phukan’s request, Fernandes asked his ministry to arrange for the junket. http://bit.ly/1IgJke1

5 Years Ago

Sheela Reddy, on Merctown Aurangabad: When the Mercedes office in Pune got a call two months ago from Aurangabad, a city better known for the nearby seventh century Ajanta-Ellora caves than for its industrial growth, the salesman at the receiving end was not impressed. Not even when the caller told him that they wanted to book at least a 100 Mercedes cars. “We’ll call you back,” he said, but never did. http://bit.ly/1zMU7LO

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