May 30, 2020
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‘Results Of Our Work Will Be Visible’

The Chhattisgarh CM is confident of a hat-trick of victories for the BJP and a defeat for the Congress.

‘Results Of Our Work Will Be Visible’

People, says chief minister Raman Singh, realise that political stability is necessary for development. That is why, he says in a chat with Yashwant Dhote, he is confident of a hat-trick of victories for the BJP and a defeat for the Congress.

Why are you so confident of winning?

The BJP is a cadre-based party. Our workers know how to get the voters to the polling booth. They also work through the term, they don’t just become active at election time. I have full faith in the BJP workers and that is why I am so confident.

What are the electoral issues this time?

We are telling the people that the res­ult of our work during the last 10 years will become visible now. We need anot­her term in office to carry forward the work of empowering every village and every poor person. We are also reminding people that while our government has been giving 35 kg of foodgrains to every family for the last five years, the Centre’s Food Security Act will deliver less than 25 kg to a family.

“Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. No one’s forgotten Ajit Jogi’s three-year term.”

An aggressive Congress is accusing your government of massive corruption and a failure in containing the Maoist violence.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. People here have not forgotten the three-year tenure of Ajit Jogi as CM. Congress governments have nourished inflation, corruption, terrorism and Maoist violence. We are fighting them.

The tribals, scheduled castes and Muslims seem alienated from the BJP.

On the contrary, we are confident of securing their support. We are doing well in Bastar-Surguja and other parts of the state. The reservation for scheduled castes had to be reduced because of legal provisions...this issue should not be politicised.

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