March 30, 2020
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Reconstruction Pie

Reconstruction Pie

1. A subsidiary of Halliburton, which was headed by vice-president Dick Cheney, has got the $500-million deal to repair oilwells. This can rise to $7.5 billion.

2. US oil majors wish to secure exploration rights in Iraq that have gone to their rivals from Russia, France and China. Annual combined profits could be as high as $29 billion.


1. Richard Perle resigned as chairman of Pentagon advisory group, after being charged with trying to get contracts for firms he was consulting for

2. US arms exports may zoom once the war is over. Post-Gulf War I, they doubled to $20 billion in 1993, compared to the previous year.


1. Multi-billion dollar deals could go to American firms. At present, five are in the race for deals worth $900 million, which will multiply manifold.

2. US decision to get a retired general, Jay Garner, to oversee the rebuilding work will ensure that European competitors are left out


1. A foothold in Iraq for the US farm sector, that has already sent 6,00,000 tonnes of wheat. Food makers like Kraft will gain too.

2. There’ll be a ready market in Iraq for a number of other US-made products like medicines, clothes and prefab building materials

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