February 21, 2020
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Ravi Subramanian

The banker-turned-author on his new book

Ravi Subramanian
Ravi Subramanian

Tell us about The Best Seller She Wrote.

It is a genre I call romantic intri­gue, a coming together of the world of human relationships and counterfeit pleasures of an illicit liaison.

How did the idea come about?

At a previous litfest, I had a discussion with other writers about a book as a product of another author’s illicit liaisons. That’s where the idea arose.

Why the switch from banking?

I wrote my first book with the intent of being remembered for posterity. Success made me greedy and I kept writing.

Who has been your inspiration as a writer?

My readers. The more they read, the more it inspires me to write.

Are your books based on real-­life experiences?

Yes, I borrow heavily from real life. Even here, you can relate to a lot of things.

Any readers’ feedback?

I was rewarded when a reader said I have improved hugely with each book. The books have been appreciated, which has been quite a heart-warming thing.

Your work has won several awards.

I would choose sales over awards any day. An award only gives you the ability to write “award-winning author” next to your name on the cover of the book.

You have also been compared to Jeffrey Archer.

It is a huge honour and a big responsibility.

What was your biggest challenge when delving into alternate careers?

I prioritise my time so that I give both my job and writing adequate focus, having to leave out activities like soc­ialising and watching TV.

Any books planned for the future?

Oh yes! I have a thriller and a short story anthology coming out in 2016.

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