February 18, 2020
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Ravi Shastri

On Showdiff Worldwide, his new start-up

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri
What exactly will Showdiff Worldwide do?
It will promote and market talent in many fields, not just sports. We would organise events: they could be film awards or a cricket match.

Would you be more like an agent?
Something like that but we would be involved in managing a new talent, right from spotting him or her to bringing recognition and work opportunities.

Could you give specific examples of the kind of people you will be looking at and how you will promote them?
Wait and see.

Are you consciously moving away from cricket-related industry?
Yeah. I always wanted to be involved in a broad-based exciting industry.

You are said to be a good businessman.
I don't agree on that. In fact, I am a lousy businessman.

What's your stake in Showdiff?
I can't give specifics. All I can say is that I have joined hands with Rediff to start this firm.

What exactly will you be doing?
I will use my vast network of contacts all over the world and my long experience in managing superstars.

You are associated with Worldtel too, though it says your exact role is confidential.
Yes, it's confidential.

Why so much mystery?
That's the way things work. It's all a mystery.

Will Showdiff tie-up with Worldtel?
We might, for specific events. Nothing has been decided now. Yes, that may happen.

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