March 28, 2020
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Ranbir Kapoor

Just three films old, Rishi Kapoor’s son explores another side in Wake up Sid

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

Were you nervous about working with the new director, Ayan Mukherji?

No. Actually I met someone for the first time who has something personal to say to the viewer through the script and characters.

Were there any hiccups?

Not at all. In fact, whatever I’ve done in this film is all due to Ayaan. He understands nuances in performance, music, everything.

Sid looks extremely attractive in the promos. Does he reflect you in any way?

He does, there’s a Sid in all of us. We’ve all been in that phase where life is going by and we’re aimless. But because I came from a film family, I always knew what I wanted to do in life. I play the character like that.

Was it enjoyable?

Oh, absolutely. But oddly, it’s the hardest character I’ve played so far.


Also the fact that there were no trappings of a Hindi film, no foreign locations, no glam heroines in chiffon saris. He’s a weird character, it’s a real story so it was hard for me. It was all about conversation, no dialoguebaazi.

Most difficult moment in the film....

From the first frame to the end. But it was very enriching. My notion of acting has changed after this role.

Tell me about your co-star Konkona.

Whatever I say about her won’t be enough because of the great talent she is. She’s god-gifted, sincere, passionate and just watching her on screen was a true pleasure.

So how was it working with her?

You can imagine what I went through. She makes it easier for you to perform.

Are you nervous?

In the same way I am before every film.

How has the film turned out?

It’s a special film for me. I’m excited. But I hate this part where you have to sell the movie. I hope viewers decide for themselves.

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