July 05, 2020
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Ranbir Kapoor

As the release of Saawariya draws near, all eyes are on Raj Kapoor's grandson

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Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor
Your first reaction on reading the script?

Mr Bhansali was working on 3 films, one day he showed me the script of Saawariya on his laptop. I was so overwhelmed about the role in my first film that I hugged him.

Were there any offers before Saawariya?

Yes, plenty. I was in an acting school in America and a fan of Mr Bhansali’s films. I used to ask myself why isn’t he offering me a film. When I returned, I asked him to let me assist him and he said: why, when you have ‘actor’ written all over your face.

And today how many films have you signed?

None. I’m listening to a lot of scripts but haven’t decided yet.

How does Saawariya look now?

My dad saw it last night and liked it very much. That’s a great relief for me because dad’s just so straight about speaking his mind and he wouldn’t mince words if he didn’t think much of it. I was dreading his reaction actually.

Is the Kapoor name too heavy a baggage for a newcomer?

It’s not so much baggage as responsibility. It makes you want to succeed.

How easy does acting come to you?

Just because you’re the son of an actor you don’t have to be a good actor. Instead, you have to work hard—learn to dance, go to the gym. It’s all about what you contribute from your experiences.... But I love the camera, acting is a joy.

If you were to choose your costar, who would it be?

Sonam, Sonam and only Sonam.

Most difficult moment of filming?

The songs I think. Mr Bhansali is such a perfectionist. And songs make a huge impact.

How many sleepless nights have you spent?

I’ve been sleeping well. I’m not anxious, nervous or excited. It’s a nice state to be in.

Does the competition worry you?

No. It’s healthy and fun but I can’t be compared to anyone yet. I’ve a long way to go.

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