June 26, 2020
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Ram Gopal Verma

On Road and Bhoot, the forthcoming films from his stable

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Ram Gopal Verma
Ram Gopal Verma
Road promises to be a very different film.
You may love it or hate it. But it is unlike anything seen in Hindi films till now. It's a completely whacko film.

Do we look forward to a lot of subtleties like in your film Company?
I'd call it a pop-corn entertainer in the sense that it goes straight to the jugular. Road is more upfront and in-your-face.

Is it inspired by Hitchhiker?
Not at all. It is a completely original film.

Many feel the item song in Road with Koena Mitra is disappointing compared to Isha Koppikar's Khallas?
But the two cannot be compared at all. In Khallas, the camera played a voyeur's role at a hot sweaty disc. But Khallas is more like a music video, a straightforward dance item.

Antara Mali too looks like Urmila?
Why on earth should I design a duplicate when the original is very much around. If I wanted Urmila, I would have signed her. Where are the resemblances?

Why a top-heavy starcast for a horror film like Bhoot?
To create a sense of the unexpected.

Your fans don't expect cliches.
That's why I want to scare them with a cockroach or a lizard on the wall.

Do we look forward to a lot of special effects?
It will have some, but not too much of it.

Is it like Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist?
No, that was a feelgood horror film. Bhoot is much more scary. It's meant to scare the pants off the audience.

A very unusual title.
I like it very much. Such a title, and the rest of the film, gets its dignity by the way it's presented.

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