May 25, 2020
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‘Raja Had Nothing To Do With The Madras HC Case’

R.K. Chandolia Former private secretary to A. Raja, June 30, 2009

‘Raja Had Nothing To Do With The Madras HC Case’

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In this conversation, Radia is discussing the Justice Reghupathy case (where the Madras High Court judge alleged that a Union minister had tried to influence him, and Dayanidhi Maran immediately pointed fingers at A. Raja).

NR: Hi.

RKC: Hello, how are you?

NR: I’m still in Bombay, sorry, not been in touch. How are things, tumhare mantri ka naam aa raha hai, yahaan pe...

RKC: Kisme?

NR: Yeh, high court matter in Chennai.

RKC: Us se kya hoga, he had nothing to do with that.

NR: Nahin, apparently, jo naam media ko circulate hue hain na 9’o clock news ke liye... Woh A. Raja, Azhagiri...

RKC: Hmm...

NR: To phir Azhagiri drop hua because unhone kaha ki Azhagiri nahin hai, to Raja ka naam sab jagah hai.

RKC: Hmm.

NR: This one also came off the air, Rajdeep (Sardesai) he also told me the same thing; NewsX also told me the same thing, everyone is taking his name. In the evening I met Shivnath (Thukral), also from NDTV, sabne yehi bola ki it’s Raja’s...then I spoke to Times of India, because (I was) talking on my gas story, so they said that the name that is being discussed...has been told to the law Raja.

RKC: Hmm...I don’t know, I didn’t speak to anybody.

NR: Just letting you (know)...that his...there are very many people who just spread his name and it’s not true you know, that’s why I just called you....

The Madras High Court matter also featured in a conversation with Ratan Tata on July 7, 2009...

Ratan Tata: ...I guess the only concern I have is that I understand that Maran is going hammer and tongs for Raja. And I hope Raja doesn’t trip or slip or...

NR: No, he hasn’t, because the chief justice has issued a statement that no minister called the high court judge.

RT: Oh, really?

NR: The Chief Justice of India has issued that statement. So that is clarified. And in any case that did not happen and Maran is made to look a little bit of a fool.

RT: Okay.

NR: It was in any case, it was actually the president of the bar association who said, ‘I know the minister’, in an open court and the judge said don’t bring the cabinet minister’s influence in my court.

RT: Okay.

NR: Raja had not called up for that at all. That’s got clarified.

RT: Okay.

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