February 20, 2020
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"The Sena Has No Future"

Chhagan Bhujbal, former Sena leader-turned-Congress leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra legislative      council, has often been at the receiving end of the Sena ire—both verbally and physically. Here, he gives it ba

"The Sena Has No Future"

Given the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, are you going to press for the dismissal of the government?

When I was attacked last year, Bal Thackeray assured the then home minister Indrajit Gupta that it wouldn’t happen again. The fact that it has—and that too, with his own minister—shows that the law and order situation has only deteriorated. But it’s no use pressing for a dismissal since the BJP is in power at the Centre.

Is the Sena pro-Brahmin; why are their Maratha leaders disgruntled?

The Shiv Sena is not against Marathas but a non-Maratha movement as well. Ganesh Naik is an OBC and there are others too. See, the Shiv Sena puts up a front of being otherwise but it is actually pro-upper caste.

Have you been sent feelers from disgruntled Sena MLAs?

Yes, a few disgruntled leaders of the Sena are in touch with us. If we manage to split the Sena-BJP government, we will definitely stake a claim. Or else we will support a non-BJP government..

So, what future does the Sena have?

The Sena has no future. Its own MLAs and workers have begun rebelling openly. Its public image has taken a beating. First, people used to ask what will happen to the Sena after Bal Thackeray. But now, there is no question of that because it is all happening before his eyes.

What future does this coalition government have?

I am giving them a few days more. Not months, mind you, just a few more days.

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