February 29, 2020
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"One Person-One Post Issue Must Be Raised"

C.K. Jaffer Sharief, Lok Sabha MP and ex-Union minister, says the party must change, complaining that "those who left the Congr -ess" at one stage are ruling the roost. Excerpts:

"One Person-One Post Issue Must Be Raised"

What is the message for the Congress from the assembly election?

Let there be some introspection in the party, to see where we have gone wrong . The discussions should not be just confined to the Congress Working Committee, because the CWC alone does not represent the party.There are many senior and experienced leaders outside it.

What is the message in this for the Congress president ?

She must change her style of functioning. The party can’t function as Congress (T) instead of as the Congress .

Is it all right now to raise the question of one person, one post with regard to Congress president Sonia Gandhi?

I think it is high time we did so.

Do you think it was appropriate on the part of the chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka to say that those who did not accept the current president’s leader-ship should quit the party ?

Why should they say this? Who are they to say this? I’d like Sonia Gandhi, in her capacity as the AICC president, to tell them that we are all selfless party workers. It is not the property of anybody.

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