May 25, 2020
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"India Is The Abode Of Hindus"

VHP chief Ashok Singhal welcomes the judgement

"India Is The Abode Of Hindus"
Were you surprised by the judgement?

Not really, we were expecting it. Our case was clear. We were confident all along that things would go ourway. It's a good judgement. It's very clear.... India is God's chosen land; it's the abode of Hindus. It will become stronger. US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown says India will split. We will disprove him. It's the US that will split.

But many feel that the verdict will tilt the communal balance unfairly.

Nonsense. Those who say the ruling is pro-Hindu or anti-minorities are themselves rank communalists. If they cannot accept the verdict of the highest court in the land, then what will they?

Will the ruling affect the general elections?

Definitely. Today, napunsak (impotent) leaders are in charge. The cow, which encapsulates the essence of India's economy, is being slaughtered. What kind of butchers have come to power!

But won't the ruling create more tension?

Nonsense. It will ease communal tensions. There's a yug parivartan (epoch change) waiting to happen.

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