Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Promethean Fire In The Indian Belly

We are now world leaders in cutting edge R&D in gastroenterological technology

LIGHT TUNNEL Photograph by Getty Images

A Stomach for ­Hi-tech Change

Advancements in ­gastrointestinal technology

  • Introduction of third space endoscope, which allows ­doctors to view the wall of the lumen
  • Better imaging techniques through MRI, Barium X-Rays and CT scans to assess the gastric track
  • New methods and devices to perform gastric bypass through endoscopy, resulting in only two small scars to guide the scope
  • Normal Orifice Trans-luminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), which helps surgeons to ­perform ­endoscopy through the belly button
  • Advancements in nutritional knowledge to avoid complications
  • Development of better ­quality stents  for gastric angioplasty
  • Introduction of devices such as Harmonic scalpel and Thunderbeat to reduce blood loss by 25 per cent ­during surgery