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Pre-marital Sex

Friends, relatives and neighbours are partners for sex before marriage

Pre-marital Sex
  • 33 per cent have had pre-marital sex, while 50 per cent deny having it

  • The average age for the first sexual encounter before marriage is 20 years. The average number is four

  • Madras has the highest prevalence of pre-marital sex at 60 per cent

  • Pre-marital sex has always been disapproved of in Indian society and the general attitude is reflected in the survey.

What is interesting, however, is that in the large metros, Delhi (27 per cent), Bombay (31 per cent) and Calcutta (26 per cent), pre-marital sex is accepted as a fact of life and does not carry the same stigma of disapproval as elsewhere. In Madras, however, the prevalence of pre-marital sex is the highest at 60 per cent, Lucknow coming a poor second at 37 per cent. Amongst the cities, Bangalore has the lowest incidence at 22 per cent.

The percentage of those who had premarital sex was split evenly between the pre-30 and 20-plus age group. The average age of the first sexual experience (pre-marriage) is 20 years.

While about 33 per cent say they had premarital sex, 50 per cent deny it. Seventeen per cent are silent on the subject.

On an average, the number of sexual encounters before marriage is four. The usual partners are the boy/girl friends, relatives or neighbours. Interestingly, a significant 13 per cent of respondents had pre-marital sex with more than nine individuals.

Numbers of persons you had pre - marital sex with
With 1 individuals :16%
With 2 - 4 individuals : 25%
With 5 - 8 individuals :9%
No response : 37%
With 9 individuals and above : 13%

Partners in pre - marital sex
Boy/girl friends :28%
Relatives/family members : 23%
Other friends : 23%
Neighbors : 23%
Commercial sex workers : 13%
Office colleagues - junior level : 9%
Causal acquaintances : 9%
Office colleagues - same level : 8%
Friend's spouse :8%
Spouse's friends :5%
Pre - marital sexual experience
Yes : 33%
No : 50%
No response : 17%

Age of first pre - marital sexual experience
Below : 21 years : 48%
22 -25 years :21 %
26 years and above : 15%
No response : 16% 

Thirteen per cent of the people who admit to having premarital sex claim to have had more than nine partners


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