June 27, 2020
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Pradeep Kar

Microland founder and chairman on the launch of their portal www.Indya.com

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Pradeep Kar
Is Indya.com to the web what mtv's to TV?
Indya.com caters to the entire family but I can't speak for TV channels. The Internet user is the 20-40 year age bracket which is the same for music channels.

Given the many horizontal portals in existence, what's different about Indya.com?
The fact that it is an exceptional brand, the technology and the quality of people and content will make the difference

What makes India the hottest web destination after Silicon Valley?
Really the number of net users. A Goldman Sachs study projects India to have 70 million users in the next three years. Also, the large cache of English-speaking people.

But won't that projection require a PC revolution across the country?
Information access shouldn't be restricted to the PC alone. Access to the net will be through many devices. And the prices of these technologies will drop.

The Big Question. When will the bubble burst?
Net isn't a bubble, some net companies are. All companies won't survive.

Do you agree with the opinion many hold today that most net companies are over-valued?
I cannot comment on other companies or their performance but yes less than 5 per cent will win this game and that percentage is currently undervalued.

How will the advertising revenue be distributed?
There is going to be a combination of advertising. Seventy-five per cent of it will go to the top portals. So you have to be number one.

Most portals survive on wire feeds. How do you intend to tackle the content on indya.com?
We'll be 100 per cent original - we have people placed strategically to provide that.

What will be Microland's thrust areas in the next three years?
We intend to be the leading end-to-end net player in the country.

Do you feel Bangalore will retain its silicon edge despite Bill Clinton ignoring it on his visit?
Yes. There were priorities. But Bangalore is the de facto Silicon Valley.

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