August 03, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

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Par Avion

Visitor warning

The Netherlands Casper Thomas: Jeremy Paxman states that in Amsterdam ‘young people on bicycles exercise a ­particular tyranny’. Being one of these alleged tyrants, I would like to remind Paxm­an and your readers about the law of the land: tyranny by bike in the form of loud bell ringing or dangerously whoo­­shing past you is exercised only upon those who do not understand that pede­strians ­sho­u­ld stick to the sidewalk. In fact Amst­erdam suffers from tyranny by visitors who se­em to think that all roads are laid out for them.

FT Weekend

Notes on a portrait

Derbyshire Derek Brumhead: The photograph of Churchill chosen for the new plastic five-pou­nd note in Britain was taken in 1941 by the famous portrait ­photographer You­s­uf Karsh. Chur­­chill, as ever, was cho­m­p­ing on a cigar and refused to remove it. Karsh stepped forward and politely plucked it out of Churchill’s mouth ­before taking the photog­ra­ph. The result was probably the most famous image of Churchill in a grum­py mood.

The Times

Capital Idea

Doveridge John Rattigan: The observation that the full stop is becoming redundant in social media ­reminds me of the Victorian public school headmaster cecil reddie of abbo­ots­home school who ­ca­m­­paigned vigorously for the abolition of capital letters and the unnecessary use of punctuation ­especially commas although he still felt the need for the ­occasional full stop.

The Daily Telegraph

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