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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Speaking of Art...

Arizona Brian Bayly: The greatest achievement of Roger II’s court in Sicily was the promulgation of the Muslim view. To Christians, a woman was a tool of Satan; to Muslims she was admirable, a thing of beauty. The Renaissance is often ­portrayed as a home-grown European invention. Au contraire, the freedom and fertility of 14th century arts can be traced to the social innovations of 13th century. The revised view of women was the true renewal of the human spirit, too often ­ignored in history until given visible form through works of art.

The Economist

Sticks and Carrots

Australia Robert James: There is a much simpler method of reducing traffic congestion than using ride apps: simply double the price of fuel and let self-interest do the rest. The taxes collected could be used to drastically reduce registration and insurance charges and to fund road improvements. Perhaps I am naive—Americans might be as opposed to fuel tax as they are to gun control.

Time Magazine

Egalitarian Barking

Cumbria R.H.W. Cooper: The report that air-rage incidents are more common on flights with a first-class cabin reminds me of the pithy observation made by Mark Twain about Indian Railways in the 19th century: in first-class the passengers are rude to the guard; in third-class the guard is rude to the passengers; and in second-class the passengers are rude to each other. Twas ever thus.

The Times


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