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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Reparation Fee

Hampshire Rama Murthy: When Winston Churchill was returning from South Africa after the Boer war, he stopped in Bangalore in south India at what is now the Bangalore Club. Here he ran up a (substantial) bar bill and left without paying. The commi­ttee sent him several reminders to settle the amount, which he simply ignored. A ledger on display in the main building of the club is open to a page that has a list of irrecoverable debts—that were written off. One of them is for Rs 13 owned by one Lt Winston Churchill.

The Daily Telegraph

Full and final

Warwickshire Prof R.H. Graham Suggett: It was not just large bills that Churchill left unpaid. In the Bangalore Club, there is a visitors’ book signed by Churchill with an added note: “He left without paying a Mess bill of one shilling and ninepence.“ As a Winston Churchill Fellow who stayed in the club in 1989, it gave me great pleasure to settle this debt with the steward in rupees.

The Times

Been there done that

Austria Kapil Kaul: What new scientific research is finding about the benefits of controlling breath was practised for centuries in India and known as pranayama. Till the advent of new lifestyles, this used to be a part of lessons in schools in India. Now the new generation prefers Facebook and Twitter to pranayama.


Own Trump Blower

london Damien McCrystal: Should we des­cribe Donald Trump as a bouffoon?

The Daily Telegraph


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