April 08, 2020
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A random sample from the British newspapers

Par Avion
Par Avion

French Bats

Your obituary on Richie Benaud found it surprising that there should be a French Cricket Association. Actually, France was the runner-up to Britain on the one occasion that the sport was included at the Olympics, in Paris in 1900. To be sure, neither the intensity of the tournament nor the criteria of eligibility and selection were particularly rigorous. The withdrawal of all the other intended entrants left Britain and France as the finalists. The players were regarded subsequently as distinctly average club cricketers. A majority of the French side were British expatriates.

Stephen Potter, France, in The Economist

Proportional Rep

The British government has so far pledged 15 million pounds to Nepal for earthquake relief. We give the European Union 55 million pounds per day. What are our priorities?

D.W. Laker, Staffs, in The Sunday Telegraph 

A Craft's History

The Aeromobil—part car, part aeroplane—is a remarkable inv­ention. Of course, Jules Verne anticipated it in his 1904 novel Master of the World. Actually, the vehicle developed by Robur, the aspiring ‘master’ operating from his base in the mountains of North Carolina, was also a speedboat and a submarine!

John V. Orth, Chapel Hill, in FT Weekend

Royal Flavour

I note that the initials of the new royal baby spell CEDW, which is Welsh for mustard. May she enhance the flavour of our lives for many, many years.

Martin Mayer, Lancashire, in The Daily Telegraph

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