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Par Avion

A random sample from the British newspapers

Par Avion
Par Avion

Lord Help ’Em

Apparently, Geoff Boycott’s suspended sentence (for beating up a French girlfri­end) precluded him from obtaining knighthood. Ironic, then, that we’re still required to use the title 'Lord' for criminals who have actually been to prison.

Adrian Waller, South Yorkshire, in The Daily Telegraph

Rules Thus Bent

The belief that there is less respect for officials from rugby players today reminded me of the instruction given to me by the senior games master in my first week at grammar school 50-odd years ago: Rule 1: The referee is always right. Rule 2: If the referee is obviously wrong, Rule 1 applies.

Jon Ryder, Co Galway, in The Times

Wrong Address

On taking up my first job as research officer of the Coope­rative party in 1966, I got a letter from someone much senior starting 'Dear Thomas'. I complained to my boss that I had not been so addressed since my school days. He said I should be pleased at this relatively intimate form of address, as the only more effusive form available was 'My dear Thomas'.

Mike Thomas, Bucks, in The Times

Sounds Fine

No matter what the sound system, analogue or using digital signal processing, the res­ult is analogue. What comes out of spea­kers are pressure waves that ears of all animals can pick up. No living being can hear digital music.

Tony Taylor, Canada, in The Guardian


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