December 10, 2019
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'Papads Will Turn Red'

It is a perilous path, the lead up to the good daughter-in-law

'Papads Will Turn Red'
'Papads Will Turn Red'
Every student of the Manju Sanskar Kendra is given a kit upon induction. It includes a grey and black cloth bag which contains a miniature copy of the Sindhi religious text, Sukhmani Sahib, and three booklets in Hindi, authored by Aildas Hemnani himself. The booklets, Grihasta Mein Vyavaharik Jeevan, Sahyogi Jeevan and Adarsh Bahu contain details of his teachings and are intended as an essential reference library for every woman. Hemnani also plans to introduce a uniform—white salwar-kameez.

The contents of these tiny booklets are by turn amusing, inflammatory and ridiculous. Sample these, relating to menstruation:

  • Papads will turn red and taste foul if a menstruating woman looks at them.

  • Plants, flowers will wilt if a menstruating woman so much as glances at them.

  • Keep evidence of menstruation out of sight of men, otherwise they’ll turn blind. On sexual relations between husband and wife:

  • In women, too much sex leads to constipation, weakness, headaches, TB, sleeplessness, depression, anger, etc. In men, it can lead to inattentiveness, weakness.

  • Too much sex and the kids will stop listening to you. Or these, on giving birth to the ‘perfect son’:

  • Intercourse between 12 PM and 3 AM increases one’s chances of conceiving a noble son.

  • Do not speak to evil persons, menstruating women while pregnant, or else your son will be born a monster.

And the seven virtues of a good daughter-in-law: shyness, sweetness, a smiling countenance, a heart filled with love, industrious hands, devotion to duty and religiosity.
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