April 07, 2020
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Outlook 2020

Headlines you are unlikely to see on our contents page even 15 years later.

Outlook 2020
Outlook 2020
Left parties have opposed plans for the proposed United South Asia, calling it a blatant sellout to the hegemonistic capitalist Empire. ‘Why can’t it be a United Socialist Southasian Republic? Why USA, why not USSR?’ asks D. Raja

Plus, special 53-word essays:
  • S. Gurumurthy: 'What about Akhand Bharat? Or Akhil Bhartiya Combined League (ABCL)?
  • Amitabh Bachchan: 'I Have The Copyright'
  • Arun Shourie: 'Sellout of Brand India'
  • Gurucharan Das: 'USA Unbound'
  • Arundhati Roy: 'I Secede'


  • What is ‘is’? Swami Kamananda Kameshwarananda, formerly known as Bill Clinton, reflects on tat tvam asi

  • Sarsanghchalak Interview: ‘Plus ca change, plus cíest que le meme chose,' says Sangh honcho on changing norms of celibacy, sex, marriage in the parivar.

  • Because elders are not dying: Three 60+ youngsters on why the state must pass new legislation to terminate life after 125.

  • Opinion Poll:: Heterosexual relationships are on the rise. What gives? A perplexed nation asks, is this the end of gay times?

  • Study: Does Yoga cause HIV?

  • Back to the Black Boards: taking the computers out of classrooms

  • Shift rentals: Mumbai solves its housing problem, citizens serially reuse houses in a staggered fashion

  • Guaranteed Girls: Fiagra, the female sex drive pill also ensures triplet girls.


  • What happened to Netaji? Forward Bloc renews demand for fresh probe.

  • Men’s Reservation Bill: Why is it so difficult to reach a consensus?

  • I am sorry for what happened in Gujarat: Narendra Modi

  • Nothing Doing: Supreme Court says celebrating any festival is a punishable crime

  • Exclusive Outlook Exposé: Kashmir talks deadlocked, stand still on Ayodhya, country divided on Cricket captain, Middleeast peace setback.
  • Rahul Gandhi: ‘I Could Have Been PM At 25? [Why, I am not one even at 50]’

  • Priyanka Gandhi: ‘Miraya is not 25 yet, Rehan not in race for PM'

Test Black Hole Escapes Lab, Eats Bihar, Goes Missing

Chennai clothing problem solved: Amma's wardrobe distributed


  • I will definitely consider giving up the presidency in three years: Musharraf

  • British PM Geelani leads Asian delegation to US prez ‘Condi’ Rice; demands quota for South Asians in Congress

  • Hor Lo Jee Sing Singh Happy becomes first Indian in China's Polit Bureau

  • My Secret Meetings with Bush and Mush—Osama bin Laden's latest video from Al Jazeera (Fox) climbs the charts

  • 'We will not wait for UN support, but can we afford a war with Nepal?' PM Jagmohan Dalmiya asks


  • Outsourcing backlash: Why the trade unions are mad at Infosys, Wipro and TCS outsourcing sweat jobs to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar when Punjab fields are being sowed by Fijians

  • Exclusive: McKinsey draws up RSS recast plan. Give up BJP (Modi-Uma), retain BJP (Jaitley-Mahajan) and spin off VHP, BD into independent profit centres

  • Where have all the poor gone? Shocking but true revelations: they have all become property agents, the rest smuggled out to become bhangra singers.

  • Microsoft denies bugs in new OS


  • Harbhajan is physically and mentally unfit to lead India: Coach Saurav Ganguly

  • Jagmohan Dalmiya, K.P.S Gill, Priyaranjan Das Munshi deny quit plans

  • Expert Column: Mulayam Singh Yadav on why we missed the bronze in Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Stapu at the --- Olympics.


  • Censor chief Mallika Sherawat on rising necklines, falling hemlines

  • I have nothing to say on anything, Mahesh Bhatt admits, finally

  • Rabinder Sangeet: Sorry Gurudev, the rage in Bengal is Punjabi pop

  • Kaun Banega Crorepati (paJNchadashan.h) still rules

  • Punjabis disturbed at Northeast invasion in Bollywood


  • Did De Deserve it? Yes, says a celebratory nation on our latest Nobel!

  • Arundhati Roy on the second novel she won't finally be writing

  • The Affable Vidia: The uncelebrated side of Sir V.S. Naipaul

  • Coming Soon: India’s first directory of mobile telephones


  • Obesity epidemic breaks out among Asian elephants

  • HCPUs (Human Central Processig Units) under virus and trojan attacks

  • Census: Only 2570 can read Devangri script

  • Our incomprehensible phone bills

  • Cow found on Delhi streets, traffic comes to a halt

For space and numerological reasons, this isn't quite the version published in the print edition. Please barrage us with headlines you think are likely 15 years hence.

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