February 22, 2020
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On The Racks

Planning to update your book shelf? Here's a list up for grabs.

On The Racks

Torill Kornfeldt
The Re-Origin of Species | Westland

How would one go about awakening a chicken’s inner dinosaur? Or building a mammoth? Travelling the world, Swedish science journalist Torill Kornfeldt met scientists working on projects to give extinct animals a second chance at life—making the acquaintance of a frozen pachyderm in the process—and has produced a light and lucid account that raises some fundamental questions.

Jeffrey Archer
Heads You Win | Pan Books

Deep in the Soviet era in 1968, Alexander Karpenko, or Sasha, is an exceptionally talented youngster who has to flee the country with his mother Elena after the KGB liquidates his father. They move to the UK, then the US—countries that serve as mere backdrops to his inexorable rise as an entrepreneur. Then, he goes back to Russia. Also featuring a nasty (of course) called Strelnikov.

Deep Trivedi
I am Krishna: Trials & Triumphs in Mathura | Aatman

A new addition to the school of mythological tales masquerading as realist fiction—book two of the ‘I am Krishna’ series tackles the aftermath of the teen-hero’s slaying of Kamsa, with Radha and Rukmini much on his mind. Plus, it’s written in the first person: “I’d been such a braggart….” Or “I was surrounded by such insane people”. Oh Lord!


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