April 08, 2020
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'No More Baths'

The phone hasn't stopped ringing at 15-year-old Piya Thakkar's Sion residence in suburban Mumbai ever since she danced with Michael Jackson. The student from J.B. Vac-hha School, Dadar, revels in her moment of glory, her dream come true:

'No More Baths'

Have you finally woken up, Piya?

I can’t feel any of it is true. It has been my only goal and I have got it.

How did it happen?

I was right in the front crying and shouting. One of his crew said I seemed to be a great fan of his and he was going to give me the chance of a lifetime. He scooped me in his arms and dropped me

their tickets at a fourth of the original price. Somewhere else, a man simmered in preventive custody. And while for one moment in time, a moonwalking Michael was frozen in Mumbai, the Nagpur bench on the stage. After that, Michael knelt in front of me, danced with me, but I kept holding him and repeating, ‘I love you, I love you....’ When I got off, people were touching my feet and kissing my hand.

What are you going to do now?

I am not going to have a bath for as long as possible. And I am going to preserve my dark blue jeans, my black sleeveless top and the white crochet tie-up till the day I die.

How’d you manage a Rs 5000 ticket?

My dad financed me. Frankly, no price is too much for Michael Jackson.

Is MJ way before your generation?

No way, he is best, the best and is getting better and better. He is one of the greatest things to exist on earth.

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