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New Streams To Run The Work Mill

Changes in society get reflected in new work profiles. Take a pick from nine....

New Streams To Run The Work Mill

1. Qualified day-care pros Be it care for the elderly, for kids or for those with special needs, the demand for such services is booming in urban India. Many companies are setting up in-house day-care centres. Those with diplomas in education and nursing as well as retired nurses are in demand.

2. Cyber Lawyers This growing law speciality has come of age in India. With Net penetration and cyber crime on the rise, it’s a legal stream in the making. With the government hell-bent on policing the Net, here is your chance to make money from the litigation that is bound to follow.

3. Personal Shoppers Hotels, the film industry, well-heeled individuals —they are all flocking to personal shoppers to help them find the best in luxury to make it all edgy, cool, classy, happening or whatever. For a price, of course. Hand over a list, and they’ll even do the shopping for you.

4. Social Media Trackers If internet trolls are the bad guys, there is money to be made by being a counterforce. Netizens who move around the web to find out what’s cool and current and track violations (if any) around brand images are in huge demand by firms keen to manage the New World.

5. Restoration Architects This involves not just restoring old buildings, but refurbishing unused or half-built retail spaces. The idea is to develop an organic space that draws on the feel of the older building in order to give a sense of old money. Landscape architects are also much in demand.

6. Stress-Busters The stress-buster in human form replaces the rubber balls of yore that ostensibly kill tension. He/she will teach executives how to play the guitar, bake a cake, climb a small mountain, play mini-golf and learn just enough pop psychology to tackle a business negotiation.

7. Grassroots Activists Degree holders in social sciences have a strong chance of finding work with political parties as they expand across state borders. The requirements are minimal—being mobile, some understanding of local issues, and the ability to quickly serve up a volley of assurances.

8. Crowdsourcing Analysing images, answering online surveys, gathering data and generally adding to the gush of internet information is now profitable. Graduates, housewives, and students looking to make an extra buck can clamber directly on this info-outsourcing world, bypassing BPOs.

9. Sports Team Managers Given the rush of corporate sports—cricket, hockey, football, and so on —team managers are becoming fashionable. They get paid well to look as good in the dugout as in the company’s boardroom. Of course, all this makes sense only as long as your team continues to win.

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