August 02, 2020
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On films, cricket, and her guest appearance in the Punjab poll campaign

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Everyone's into campaigning. How's yours different?
I didn't have to resort to cliches like beti or bahu.

Do you think stars can get votes?
Absolutely. I'm not here for my face value.

Surely a nice way to get close to political bigwigs.
I am not canvassing for any party, but an independent in Abohar-Fazilka (Punjab). Family ties.

How strong are your Punjabi roots?
As strong as any Punjabi. My forefathers were from Punjab and so were my parents before they shifted to Delhi. And let me make this very clear—I am not a South Indian.

Any favourite party?
No. Perhaps that's one reason why I am not with the bigwigs like the rest of the Bollywood crowd.

What next? Some more assignment for politicians?
Not really but there are efforts to get some of them for a social cause.

How's your career shaping up?
I am not dying for work. And I have made my money as well. I've signed a few films and will soon be getting into theatre as well. I am busy.

And cricket?
It happened because it had to... All of us do something that doesn't jell with our lives and we have to take it with a pinch of salt. This is one such incident in my life.

What's it with actresses to have this cricketer fixation?
Because they seem to be the only one with the glamour value in India. Especially if we are trying to look for someone outside the tinsel world. Isn't that true? And that jells very well (laughs).

So Saurav is...? was good riddance to whatever it was... and for whatever it was worth.

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