July 04, 2020
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Mother's International, New Delhi

The school houses here go by names such as Gratitude, Honesty, Perfection and Truth.

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Mother's International, New Delhi
Gratitude, Honesty, Perfection, Truth at Mother's
Mother's International, New Delhi
Schools old enough to be pushing 50 tend to have their own legends. At Mother’s, there’s one particular favourite. It’s about the teachers. Teaching here is a sort of transformative experience. Once they’re in, the teachers never want to leave. For some it starts as a dream first job, others count their years in decades, yet others talk about the soul changes the school brings about. Students, of course, have to move on. But their ties get stronger with time and distance. Till they finally come back as parents or sometimes as teachers and volunteers.

What makes this school exert such an influence on those touched by it? "Because we believe in addressing the soul," says principal Marukh Singh. The question then is: how do you groom students for life rather than careers? How do you tell them it’s more important to be a sentient human being than a motivated certificate/trophy/medal seeker? Not that competition is taboo, Mother’s also has the distinction of producing a Junior KBC winner and winning itself an Intel computer lab, among other inter-school trophies.

At the school’s spacious play fields, commodious classrooms and labs, the acquisition of knowledge has a higher purpose—the school houses here go by names such as Gratitude, Honesty, Perfection and Truth. The challenge though is to achieve it through a CBSE syllabus as junior school is examination-free. Over here, Home Science classes have more boys; the positive personality awards are more prestigious than the usual academic decorations; the labs are not about mysterious titrations and dour measurements but some wonderful applications of science.

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