July 04, 2020
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Mossad Missives

Ex-Cabinet secretary Zafar Saifullah told Jain of the Israel link

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Mossad Missives

THE Jain Commission report contains the in-camera deposition of former cabinet secretary, Zafar Saifullah: "The third major source of intelligence is intercepts of messages exchanged between foreign sources. The cabinet secretary rarely receives copies of such messages but in the course of my interaction with some of my senior officers in the RAW, I had known of the existence of such messages. I am talking of Navy messages. One of the purposes of some of these messages was to convey some information to people based in India, for Chandraswami and Dr Subramanian Swamy. The indication was that these messages emanated from Israeli intelligence, i.e., Mossad. I gathered in the course of interaction with senior officers in the Navy and IB that the messages showed that Shri Chandraswami had strong links with foreign intelligence agencies, especially, the CIA and Mossad and Dr Swamy had a strong influence with the CIA..."

 Justice Jain says Saifullah's statement is of "great significance" as "he had deposed on the basis of knowledge gained by him while functioning as a cabinet secretary and while interacting with the authorities in the concerned intelligence agency." The Jain Commission report says that Saifullah's deposition establishes the link of Chandra-swami with Mossad and the LTTE.

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