April 03, 2020
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Mickey Contractor

B’wood’s celebrated makeup artist on the new collection of cosmetics for the Indian woman

Mickey Contractor
Mickey Contractor

What is the USP of the MAC Mickey Contractor makeup line?

It’s been created keeping in mind the needs of the Indian woman. It’s also the first time mac has collaborated with a makeup artist on a collection anywhere in the world.

What was the inspiration behind the line?

Needs of the Indian woman.

The three must-haves in the collection...

It varies from woman to woman but everyone could need the Double-ended Corrector, Eye Shadow X 4 in Athma and Flesh Lipglass.

The collection saw a worlwide release. How has the response been?

It has been received worldwide with a lot of appreciation and it’s a sellout!

What are the main makeup trends today?

Every season trends are created to cater to all needs. With this collection you could do a perfect nude makeup, a heavy smokey eye or a bright bold pink lip.
Is there curiosity about ‘Bollywood-style’ makeup and why?

There’s been a worldwide interest in B’wood. The vivid colours in the makeup is what grabs international attention.

The one indispensable makeup invention is...

The most important is the foundation. If your canvas is not right, the painting will never be perfect.

What’s the one makeup mistake that most Indian women make?

In an attempt to look fairer, most women use the wrong foundation colour.

Which B’wood actress has the most versatile face for makeup?

Every actress I’ve worked with has something unique but the most versatile is Aishwarya Rai. She can carry any look I do on her with panache.

What are you working on next?

Desi Boys with Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar’s next movie.

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