August 02, 2020
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Manu Chandra

The chef and entrepreneur is the man behind Monkey Bar—the chic and trendy Asian Gastro bar in Bangalore and Delhi

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Manu Chandra
Manu Chandra

Not another bar? What makes yours different from the others?

Monkey Bar seeks to revive the pub culture, to bridge the gap between good dining and drinking. The emphasis is on fresh, innovative, laidback vibe.

Do you think bars in the country are stuffy?

It is improving, but Gastro pub means a public house where people meet up and have a good time, without pretentious people and loud Bollywood music.

Is it a risky business?

Any food business is a risky business.

There is no fixed menu at Monkey Bar?

We keep on introducing new food for all the units. There is a constant evolution in the menu.

What do you like cooking best?

I love cooking one-pot meals, be it a chicken curry or biriyani.

Tell us some of the experiments you have done with food and drinks.

The signature Mangaa—a mix of vodka, aam paana, sweet lime and mint—is one. Keema Pao is another. There are many.

Are you a better chef or a manager?

A good chef has to be good manager. Being a chef is my passion.

How come Monkey Bars are not in malls? 

I am not a big fan of malls, as they lack character, unlike my food. I like old buildings and a bit of history helps.

So location is very important?

As a saying goes, for a successful restaurant business the only recipe is location, location and location.

Who is a typical Monkey Bar-goer?

From artists to BPO workers we welcome all, but we do not allow kids after 6 pm.

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