May 29, 2020
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Madhur Bhandarkar

His film Chandni Bar portrayed the plight of bar girls. Page 3 was a success. Now Corporate is rolling.

Madhur Bhandarkar
Madhur Bhandarkar
Should dance bars be closed down?
I'm not the moral police. It is for the authorities and bar owners to find a solution.

What prompted you to make Chandni Bar?
After the failure of Trishakti, I accompanied a friend to a dance bar. I was very disturbed by the dim lights and jarring music though the girls who were dancing, I noticed, were fully clad.

What is it that has stayed with you from Chandni Bar?
Creaking of doors as the girls walk in and out of their make-up room. Also that they share temple prasad.

Isn't Page 3 just a metro-centric hit?
No, it's a universal success. It has surprised me by working even in small centres like Faridabad.

But does Page 3 happen outside Mumbai?
Small-town residents have written to me claiming they recommend it to first-time visitors to Mumbai. It offers a telling peek into the city.

Only Black and Page 3 have clicked this year.
I was told that since Black and Page 3 had English titles, they wouldn't work. But we shouldn't underestimate the audience.

What is your next project?
Corporate. It deals with corporate rivalry.

Are you consulting corporates for Corporate?
Yes. But a lot of research for Corporate is the leftover from Page 3.

As a filmmaker, what rules do you follow?
I call the shots. I don't allow backseat driving or anybody to ride piggyback on me.

What's your opinion on the sting operations conducted on the casting couch?
There are far more important issues to address.

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