January 28, 2020
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Leave The Hills Alone

Leave The Hills Alone
The Supreme Court has pulled up the Haryana government for closing its eyes to the illegal mining of limestone and sandstone in the Aravali Hills and the Gurgaon area. The apex court also issued contempt notices to two senior officials for not implementing an earlier ban on mining. "Do not force us to deploy paramilitary forces to implement our orders," the bench noted. When the government counsel pleaded that there was no mining in the area, one of the judges, Justice Y.K. Sabarwhal, remarked he had seen it happening with his own eyes. The court also issued a notice to the chief secretary to explain why helpless labourers were arrested but no action had been taken against the bosses behind the illegal mining. The Aravali Hills act as a natural barrier between the Thar desert and Haryana.
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