January 22, 2020
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Kyon Ki...

If there was any proof needed that Salman is just a star not an actor, watch Kyon Ki....

Kyon Ki...
Kyon Ki...
Starring: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rimmi Sen, Jackie Shroff
Director: Priyadarshan
Rating: *

Priyadarshan is a confused man. He can't make up his mind here on how to weave comic moments into an intrinsically sad tale and create something that can reach out and touch his audiences. The result is a tasteless, loud, shoddy film that's far from engaging.

It's unfair to even think of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest or Asit Sen's Khamoshi in the same breath. But the references are obvious. Anand (Salman) loses his fiance Maya (Rimmi) in a freak accident and then loses his sanity as well. He lands up in a bedlam, a place that believes in curing insanity through the strictest of discipline and therapies like electric shocks, lobotomy etc. So he decides to break every rule, demands some music for recreation and makes the ill inmates dance to a perfectly synchronised Goli Mare Tera Dupatta. Anyhow, despite such bad behaviour, two doctors, Sunil (Jackie) and Tanvi (Kareena) try to nurse Anand back to health. How? By going through his diaries and singing some inane lullabies that he used to croon to his lover. In the process, Anand recovers and Tanvi falls madly in love with him. Reminds you immediately of Waheeda Rehman's love and longing in Khamoshi, doesn't it? But while Waheeda's suffering and aching sense of loss moved you and moistened the eyes, Kyon Ki just leaves you utterly befuddled. How does Tanvi fall for Anand? By shaving his stubble and rubbing her cheek against his? Pray, are these duties that a doctor is meant to perform? Where had the nurse gone?

It hardly helps then that Kareena thinks she can pass off cotton sari-and-minimal make-up look for great acting. In fact, all the actors just sleepwalk through their ill-sketched roles. If there was any proof needed that Salman is just a star not an actor, watch Kyon Ki.... Instead of establishing any emotional bond with the viewer, the film shocks him with the absurdities, be it the choreographed song-n-dance or the doctor going balmy with a glucose bottle. Worse still is the treatment meted out to the patients in the hospital. To see such brutalities heaped on mentally challenged individuals in the name of therapy is offensive to say the least. As for sheer academic interest, Salman goes beyond his shirtless routine here. He does a thigh show.

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