February 14, 2020
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Khushwant Singh

The best-selling author of over 100 books, on his first novel in the last five years, Burial at Sea

Khushwant Singh
Khushwant Singh
At 90, shouldn't you be writing for posterity?
This book is for posterity—it shows the real state of the country at that time.

Your new novel is about the affair between Nehru and Shraddha Mata?
It is fiction, it's up to the reader to interpret.

But does it have anything on Nehru and Indira Gandhi?
There are certain allusions but this is Nehru's doppelganger; there is very little Mrs G but more of Shraddha Mata.

Do you think it will create a controversy?
I have no doubt it will, though I don't deliberately court controversy.

Does it have the usual dollops of sex?
A certain amount, yes.

Why do your novels always have so much sex in them?
Every novelist puts sex in his novels. If he doesn't, he has no business writing fiction.

Why do you deliberately portray yourself as a dirty old man?
I don't but they've been calling me that anyhow. I write as it comes. It's people with dirty minds who call me a dirty old man.

What's the difference between pornography and literary writing on sex?
One person's pornography turns into another's love story.

What is the secret of your books always becoming bestsellers?
I know the art of communication. Basically, I don't talk down to my readers.

Why are you so prolific?
Nobody has invented a condom for the pen.

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