February 21, 2020
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Kaizad Gustad

On his new film Boom

Kaizad Gustad
Kaizad Gustad
What is 'Boom' all about?
At heart, it's a very dark black comedy. This is a genre that hasn't been attempted in this country with any success before.

You were plagued by a number of problems?
None of them were of my making. Besides the most obvious ones, I had to deal with many unobvious ones too.

Do you think the loudly lascivious promos will go against the film?
I've had no control over the marketing and publicity. This strategy isn't helping my film one bit. The campaign I had designed was more subtle.

So it's not about cheap titillation?
No. My film is not a wall-to-wall skin carpeting. It isn't in the Jism, Khwahish genre.

Fashion meets the underworld here.
Boom is really about fashion extortion. But people decided what it is about without seeing it.

Did Salman Rushdie give a written permission for Padma Lakshmi?
No, but I met him over dinner in New York.

Did he want to play Amitabh's role?
He loved the script but couldn't accompany us because we were shooting in Dubai.

Any criticism from him?
That there weren't enough of the girls. But I was interested in my gangsters than the girls.

How was it working with Amitabh?
He looks far sexier here than any of his films. It's always a pleasure to work with him. In one scene, Padma's crawling across an 80 ft long desk to seduce him. And he remains static. Only Amitabh could have pulled it off.

Any lessons learnt from Boom?
From now on, I'll produce my own films.

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