May 25, 2020
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Jagmohan Vs The PMO

Jagmohan Vs The PMO

The PMO adopted a lenient attitude towards private operators who had not paid their licence fees. Jagmohan's main mission as communications minister was to extract every paisa the private operators owed to the national exchequer.

The government's new telecom policy announced last March said that private telecom companies should share their revenues with the government, instead of paying a one-time licence fee. The DoT, under Jagmohan, tried its best to stall the change. It said a switchover from the current mode of operations would make the government vulnerable to litigations from telecom companies, some of which would feel hard done by the change in rules.

The new telecom policy envisaged the strengthening of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The DoT instead, tried to clip its wings.

The PMO was keen on the telecom sector's growth, while the DoT made every effort to stall the growth of private telecom companies.

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