April 07, 2020
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‘I’ve 100% Majha Blood In My Veins’

The BJP candidate in Amritsar has always been a backroom guy.

‘I’ve 100% Majha Blood In My Veins’
‘I’ve 100% Majha Blood In My Veins’

The BJP candidate in Amritsar, Arun Jaitley, has always been a backroom guy. This is the first time he’s contesting.

Amarinder is an outsider here too but the charge sticks only to you. Why?

Amarinder says I’m an outsider, nobody else says so. My roots are in Lahore and Amritsar...obviously I cannot claim Lahore any longer! My mother, sister and wife are from Amritsar. I have 40-50 cou­sins here, I own a house here too. I have 100 per cent Majha blood in my veins.

Will Modi campaign for you here?

He’ll address our last rally, on the 25th.

Will Modi’s presence polarise Amritsar?

This is not even an issue; this election is all about governance. The BJP is setting the record straight on the Cong­ress’s terrible misrule.

Isn’t the Akali alliance a problem? Look at the charges against Majithia...

There is no such thing.

What do you think the people of Amritsar expect of you?

People have one key expectation—some central resources for Amritsar. This is their wider dream, which encompasses better roads, sewerage, infrastructure, more industry and jobs. I only step in to ensure their projects are successful.

Urban Amritsar is posing a challenge...AAP claims huge youth support here.

The youth are firmly with Modi. Women support us, factory workers support us. As polls draw closer, the Modi-Jaitley combination will see a tremendous upsu­rge in urban Amritsar. I spend my evenings trying to strengthen the urban vote.

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