February 19, 2020
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Indo-Pak Jinx

Indo-Pak Jinx

August 14/15, 1947

As India and Pakistan gain independence as two dominions, Partition with its gory bloodbath, leaves a tragic scar and a history of mistrust.


The Maharaja of Kashmir dithers over accession, Pakistan invades the Valley. India launches a rescue operation from the Srinagar airport. The state accedes to India but Nehru promises to hold a plebiscite.


The second war between the two countries is fought on many fronts but in the end resolves nothing.


The two-nation theory takes a beating as Bangladesh is ‘liberated’. Pakistani forces surrender to the Indians in Dhaka.


Indira Gandhi and Z.A.Bhutto thrash out the Shimla Agreement, but defer formalising the line of control as the international border.


India receives the coded message, "the Buddha has smiled", as India successfully conducts its first nuclear test at Pokhran albiet for "peaceful purposes".


A thaw is announced after the Benazir Bhutto-Rajiv Gandhi summit.


Militancy in Kashmir erupts after the Rubaiya Sayeed kidnapping, sapping the state’s resources and the energies of diplomats for years to come.


Both countries refuse to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.


The Gujral Doctrine provides a glimmer of hope, but alas…


Pakistan test fires the Ghauri; soon after India conducts five N-tests at Pokhran, one of them a thermonuclear device.

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